Our research interests are wide and diverse. This research includes race, class, gender, queer, feminist and cultural studies in digital environments.

Some of the research topics that our members explore are: digital technology in the prison-industrial complex; the intersection between digital technologies, algorithmic bias, infrastructure, and surveillance; the complex relationships between media storytelling, industries, technology, and politics in digital environments; how power works through both software and hardware, specifically in the realms of race and class; issues of localization in video game environments; a historical analysis to social media before the web, between the 1970s and early 1980s; how people learn in online forums, especially in digital spaces where participants spread racist and sexist narratives; and, the mainstreaming of white nationalism, male supremacism, and militancy in the U.S in digital media content.

Featured Works


By Precarity Lab

An analysis that traces the role of digital technology in multiplying precarity.

Racist Zoombombing

By Nakamura, Stiverson & Lindsay

Harassment and hate speech on Zoom.

Sports Science

By Jasmine An

Poem published on Black Warrior Review’s Boyfriend Village website. The poem has a slider bar at the bottom with a green button that allows readers to change the opacity of the poem. The poem is bracketed by bright, multicolored abstract patterns.

The Lag Manifest. Afterimage (2022) 49 (1): 110ā€“126

The Lag Manifesto

By The Digital Inequality Lab

The Lag Manifest. Published by Journal: Afterimage (2022) Volume 49 (1), pages 110ā€“126.

You Are Invited

By Jasmine An

Poem published by New Delta Review. This poem includes some language from the 2020 COVID-19 research that the University of Michigan conducted.